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Practice Areas

Goldfarb, Zeidner & Field has an extensive network of colleagues in the Southern California area with whom we have been working over the last three decades, in order to get our Worker's Compensation clients the best and most complete legal assistance. If we cannot address your particular problem specifically, or if your Worker's Compensation related injury affects other areas of your life or causes legal problems in other legal fields, one of our colleagues who has the expertise in the appropriate field of law will be available to assist you with your problem.
The personal and employment circumstances caused by your work injury may make it necessary for you to consult with attorneys in one or several other fields of law, in addition to your Worker's Compensation lawyer. All you need to do is contact us, and we will either refer you to one of our associates, or if you choose, one of our associates will be in touch you with you quickly. You will not be shuffled around from attorney to attorney nor abandoned to deal exclusively with a legal assistant, secretary or untrained "investigator." We expect all of our colleagues to render the same quality of personal hands-on care that we afford our Worker's Compensation clients.

Goldfarb, Zeidner & Field is here to make sure that you get complete and competent legal attention whether or not your problem is related to a work injury and the Worker's Compensation system.