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Jack M. Goldfarb

Attorney Biography - Jack M. Goldfarb

Jack Goldfarb is the founding partner of Goldfarb, Zeidner & Field, Attorneys at Law. He earned his bachelor of arts at UCLA, and went on to Southwestern University school of Law where he earned his Juris Doctor degree, and was admitted to the California Bar in 1973. In the nearly 40 years that Mr. Goldfarb has been practicing Workers' Compensation law, he has represented thousands of injured workers, and brought their cases to successful conclusion. In being designated as a "State Bar Certified Specialist" since 1987, he was recognized to have met the strict criteria, passed written exams, and demonstrated experience and proficiency in all areas of Workers' Compensation law. He has litigated and concluded by trial or settlement very complex cases, and has appeared before the California Court of Appeals and the California Supreme Court.

Mr. Goldfarb has also been a member of the California Applicants Attorneys' Association ("CAAA") for over 25 years. This statewide organization is committed to furthering rights of injured workers by representing injured workers in the legislative and regulatory processes. It is CAAA's mission to keep watch over the continuous political processes, and to attempt to advance the rights and needs of injured workers throughout the state. This has been an exceedingly difficult endeavor during the past ten years, during which time the rights of sick and injured workers have been under major attack by insurance and business interests, and accordingly, the state lawmakers.

Mr. Goldfarb is committed, as are his partners, to the cause of injured workers like you. Even more importantly, he and his partners feel that their ultimate responsibility is to consider you and every other client to be an individual with special and individual needs. He feels that it is an essential obligation to meet with you personally at the inception of the case. This meeting is free of charge, whether the firm is retained or not. In doing so, he can personally assess your needs and priorities, and to determine whether you will benefit by the services the firm has to offer. It is then his commitment to maintain contact with you to whatever extent practical and possible, and to actively and personally direct the case throughout, rather than delegating important responsibilities and decisions to secretaries and paralegals.

The founding partners of Goldfarb and Zeidner, Jack Goldfarb and Robert Zeidner have been in practice together since 1981. The longevity of this relationship has resulted in the forging of a law practice which has a resounding reputation of exceptional skill and integrity in the Workers' Compensation community throughout southern California. The addition of a third partner, Gregg Field in 2012, after practicing with the firm for a decade before, has only strengthened the firm's ability to offer an outstanding level of care to each client.

Mr. Goldfarb's proudest achievement has been in maintaining his happy marriage since 1979, and raising two wonderful, successful sons.